Tasting – Cook’s California Champagne


Cook’s – California Champagne – Madera, California, United States – 2017 – $9.99

Winemaker Review: A light-bodied, off-dry, juicy sparkling white wine with apple and pear, balanced by toasty yeast.


This is a classic “I need a cheap champagne to make mimosas” champagne… Can I even call it that? Anyway, this bottle has been sitting in my refrigerator since OU-TX weekend, so I figured I’d celebrate something. Usually when I drink Cook’s, it’s me chugging straight from the bottle at a Halloween party in 2015… So I can’t say I’m the biggest fan. Too many bubbles. But, here we go! Let’s see if my taste has changed since freshman year.

My Review:

So, this wine is brut but still so sweet! How is that possible – I would prefer a REALLY dry sparking wine. But this wine is so smooth, surprisingly. The crispness at the beginning with the fine bubbles is complemented with a gentle soft finish. The crisp apple taste reminds me of a nice green apple cider. It is pleasantly tart and sweet at the same time. Overall, this is actually not too shabby. Good job, Cook’s.