Tasting – Trader Joe’s Shiraz


Trader Joe’s – Bronco Wine Co. – Shiraz – California, United States – 2015 – $1.99

Yes, $2!! ‘Round these parts, we call them “Two-buck chuck.” I really need to start going to Trader Joe’s more often, because the prices are just unbeatable. But, I recognize how special it is to go to a wine store and ask an employee for guidance, so I may just have to become friends with wine connoisseurs at Trader Joe’s too.

Critic Review: The Shiraz was rough going, with flavors that reminded us of grape gumdrops, bluebery jam, rubber boots, and graphite.

Honestly, I couldn’t find a single person online that had ANYTHING good to say about this wine – The Wine Idiot says he only “tasted sadness” and that he wouldn’t dare bring this to a friend’s house. Hm…


My Review:

I’ll admit, I wasn’t the hugest fan of this wine. A friend had this at her house, so I was just drinking what was available. I have had a Shiraz before, so I understood that it was going to be a very aromatic wine. I actually smelled chocolate and tasted sour berries – an odd combination that made the wine feel pretty acidic and harsh rather than complementary. However, I did appreciate that this wine was not as heavy and tannic as other red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, so the acids didn’t seem out-of-place. I don’t think I would purchase this Two-buck chuck again, but I’m eager to try the Cabernet Sauvignon. I have heard good things about that – and for $2, I might have just found my new obsession.