Tasting – Black Box Merlot


Black Box – Merlot – Lodi, California, United States – 2016 – $4.99

Winemaker Review: Hearty plum, vanilla, and cinnamon aromas with flavors of black cherry and red berry fruit. Black Box Wines Merlot is smooth across the palate with soft tannins and supple acidity.

Oh, how I love that I have a glass of red wine on my bedside at all times. This class has really made me appreciate good wines, but also appreciate wines that I would have used to scoff at. A juice box Merlot? For just $4.99? Yeah I’ll take it, since it’ll give me 4 good glasses of good wine without the wastefulness of a two-day-old-BLEH wine. This would be perfect for a picnic or outdoor activities where bringing a full glass bottle just wouldn’t make sense.

My Review:

For the first time, I have actually smelled plum when smelling a deep red wine. I usually am attracted more to the cherry aromas, but this Merlot has a distinct plum aroma. This is definitely the most acidic red wine I have had to date, with a very distinct pucker at the end. I am actually missing much of the tannic component from this wine, so the acids come across as a bit overwhelming, in my opinion. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a good boxed red wine. The cinnamon aromas they claim to be present are lost on me, but I do detect the vanilla scent. Overall I like this wine for the price but I prefer the Cabernet Sauvignon by Black Box. I think I just like Cabernet Sauvignon more than Merlot anyway, though.