Tasting – Di Majo Norante Sangiovese

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetDi Majo Norante – Sangiovese – 2016 – product of Campomarino, Italy – bottled in New York, New York, United States – $14.99

Critic Review from Wine.com: Bright red in color, aromas of violets and red berries complement undertones of leather and anise. On the palate, this wine is dry and mellow with smooth tannins that make for a crowd-pleasing, easy-to-drink red wine. Pair this wine with antipasti, Bolognese sauces, game, and ripe cheeses.

This tasting is unique in that it is not the first time I have tasted this wine — I opened this bottle last night (September 25) and drank almost the whole bottle with a friend. I left it uncorked overnight and then put this decorative stopper in it in the morning. I want to see what happened to this wine overnight —

I purchased this bottle in Denver, Colorado during a weekend trip I took last week. It was $14.99 at some dinky liquor store near our Airbnb, and I frankly chose it because the label was pretty and the cashier did not appear to want to help us find a bottle. I had all intentions of drinking it that weekend but ended up bringing it back to Norman with me. However, it did spend quite a few hours in a hot car so I’m curious what this wine would have tasted like had it not been heat shocked. Maybe we’ll never know… But now that I’m doing research on this wine, I’m noticing that this wine is definitely only worth $9.99 – I was ripped off. Oh well.

When I first drank it, I liked this Sangiovese because it is a very light-bodied red with low tannins and higher sugars than other red wines I have had lately. I didn’t notice a funk from the hot car, which is a good sign. The day-old wine offers a different scent than the fresh wine, because I can now smell the alcohol content more prominently than before. This is typically what turns me off from wines because I want to focus more on the aroma of the fruits and florals rather than the acid and alcohol. Now it smells oddly like rubbing alcohol, and kind of tastes like it too. I still enjoy this wine, but for different reasons than I initially did. Now there is a pleasant tartness that lingers after you swallow, which was not very prominent when I first drank this wine and noted the light-bodied soft fruit tastes. Now it is more like a deep cherry with tart leather notes at the end. NOTE: my distinction of leather was BEFORE I read that the critics claimed it to have leather notes — I’m improving my skills! Cool.

It is not tannic like the Cabernet Sauvignons I have been drinking lately, but not sweet like a Sangiovese is typically characterized as. The bottle label says “dry red wine,” which is a good descriptor of this light tartness I am noticing. I don’t think I’ve ever had a “dry red” before, only dry whites. My friend and I both agreed that we liked the wine, and he much prefers tannic reds like Cab — it passes the test. I’d drink a Sangiovese again!




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