Tasting – McManis Zinfandel


McManis Family Vineyards – Zinfandel – Lodi, California – 2015 – $11.99

I bought this bottle of wine from the same dinky (sketchy is a better word for it) liquor store in Denver, Colorado. This bottle has been through a lot and made the long trip back to Norman, where it has sat on my wine rack for 2.5 weeks. Bottoms up?


Critic Review: Mouthwatering fruit flavors and a firm, dry mouthfeel make this medium-bodied wine easy to appreciate. It smells like fresh cherries and raspberries, tastes ripe and has a fine-grained texture.


My Review:

I’ll be so honest when I say this is the worst wine I have ever had. The swirl and sniff before was lovely and soft and fruity, not as dark as the other reds I have been drinking lately. But the taste… Kind of reminded me of stomach bile. I really wish I could actually drink this wine and enjoy it but it really is not drinkable. And I’m only being kind of dramatic. I’m going to go on a limb and say the reason this wine is so gross is because it was heat shocked in the car. The Sangiovese I wrote about last week was also in the hot car all day, but that one tasted delicious. This one, unfortunately does not. I will definitely try another Zinfandel soon so I can taste what it is supposed to taste like. Unless it really is just sour…

Professor Boyer taught me that I don’t have to drink a wine I don’t like, so there you have it. After reading the critic review, it kind of makes sense that I could confuse the cherry flavor and dry mouthfeel for “sour” but I still feel like something must be up with this wine.

Overall score is a 2/10 because I’m sure it can get worse than this but I hope I don’t ever taste it. Ok, now I’m done being dramatic.