Tasting – Bota Mini Cabernet Sauvignon

Like I said, I am on the search for the best boxed Cabernet Sauvignon. I really like the Bota Box Malbec I have, so I wanted to try the Bota Box Cabernet Sauvignon. This way, I could try it without the commitment of 3 liters of it!

Jack at Corkscrew helped me with this one, because I didn’t know these little juice boxes existed. They are 3 glasses (even more than that, realistically) for $3.99! I would pay twice that (or more) for one glass at a restaurant. What a steal. He has always been so helpful and we are finally on a first name basis!


Bota Mini – Cabernet Sauvignon – Lathrop, California, United States – $3.99

Winemaker Review: Bota Mini Cabernet Sauvignon offers aromas of black cherry and blackberry with a touch of violet and black peppercorn. Medium in body, this wine is supple and juicy with rich flavors of red currant, black fruit compote and spice on the finish.

My Review:

YUM! I like this one even more than the Black Box Cabernet Sauvignon. I will definitely be buying a full box of this one. I absolutely smell the violet – this Cabernet Sauvignon is slightly floral, which is a unique characteristic that I haven’t noticed in other Cabs that I have drank lately. Of course the cherry scent is there like most Cabernet Sauvignons, and the taste is pleasantly sweet followed by a rush of tannins on the back of the throat. This is so delicious and has such rich cherry flavors, which complements the mouthfeel well. I have really come around to loving Cabs, and lots of tannic wines for that matter. This wine is a really good one to drink with food or just by itself as a study companion. My roommate Taylor cooked chicken, asparagus, and rice for dinner tonight and this went well with it. A white wine would have been more appropriate for the flavor profile, but I wanted a Cab so I chose a Cab! Overall great experience from a juice box, and I’ll definitely continue trying these little boxes to find the wines that I like.