Tasting – Colliano Sauvignonasse

BD02DBC6-FE81-4056-AF08-795A5142BF1C.JPGColliano – Sauvignonasse – Goriška Brda, Slovenia – 2015 – $14.99

Winemaker Review: Colliano Sauvignonasse is a premium wine of a pleasant and full taste. Its aroma is reminiscent of elder flowers, almond and pine needles. In the mouth, the wine is tastes smooth it is medium-bodied and pleasantly warm. Its after taste recalls the characteristic aroma of almonds and biscuit. Colliano Sauvignonasse complements deliciously home-made minestrone stews, tomato salad, scampi, spiced fish dishes and grilled spiced vegetables. We highly recommend pappardelle with scampi, courgettes, raisins and pine nuts.


As always, Jack at Corkscrew helped me pick out this gem. I walked in and told him I wanted to try a new white wine, considering most of what I’ve been tasting this semester have been red wines. He asked “how weird do you want to get?” and I responded, of course, “let’s get weird.” So he brought me to the back corner of the wine store where a single Sauvignonasse sat. He said it was one of the favorite whites he’s had lately and is very unique and unlike anything else on the market. What is a Sauvignonasse, you ask? Yeah, I still don’t know… But it’s unique, it’s Slovenian (cool), and it’s tasty. So it’s a win.

My Review:

At the time of writing this review, I already drank half of the bottle last night… So this isn’t my first impression of the wine, but instead my second impression of day-old wine. Some of which has been chillin in the glass on my bedside table for a few hours at this point. But hey, it’ll still be delicious. Anyway —

The aroma of this wine reminds me almost exactly of the Chardonnays I have been drinking lately — more buttery than acidic. I like the buttery “biscuit” that I note. Pine nuts are definitely a flavor that I note, which I love. This would be so good with a pesto dish! (I’ll do that after dinner). This wine is SO smooth and really doesn’t taste alcoholic even though it’s 13% ABV. It reminds me more of a Chardonnay than a Sauvignon Blanc, which is what I assume the name is derived from. Something to note about this wine is that there was notable particulate matter in the drink, but I don’t think it’s part of the cork because the cork was synthetic and not flakey at all. It was interesting that there is sediment, but of course it doesn’t bother me. Overall I really like this wine, because of the full body that I would normally get from a red wine, paired with unique nutty notes. I recommend!